Cartography Envia Oy

EO data processing and distribution.


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Geomatics Software Solutions
Assess changes to urban and rural areas, Local and regional planners, Map geological features, Minerals and Mining, Map geological features, Oil and gas
Software for processing remote sensing and auxiliary data.
Assess changes in the carbon balance, Forestry, Assess Deforestation / Degradation, Detect and monitor wildfires, Assess forest types, Monitor forest resources, Detect illegal forest activities, Assess environmental impact of forestry, Assessing forest damage due to storms or insects
EO services for forest industry and research.
Risk modelling
Assess environmental impact of farming, Agriculture, Assessing crop damage due to storms, Monitor crop disease and stress, Assess crop acreage and yield. Harvest, Monitor specific crops types, Forecast crop yields, Detect illegal or undesired crops, Monitor water use on crops and horticulture, Measure land use statistics, Assess environmental impact of farming, Enviroment, Pollution and Climate, Assess crop acreage and yield harvest, Forecast crop yields, Assess environmental impact of farming, Real-estate management
Modelling crop yield risks due to multiple agricutural perils. Crop modeling uses plant sensitivities, environmental data, climatic and weather information to produce geo-statistical risk numbers.
snow depth
Assess environmental impact of farming, Agriculture, Measure land use statistics, Map and monitor solar energy (solar farms), Alternative Energy, Map hydroelectric and wind farms, Map line of sight visibility (land surface assessment for man-made structur, Communications, Assess damage from industrial accidents, Construction, Assess environmental impact of human activities, Map and assess Flooding, Measure land use statistics, Assess climate change risk, Education, training and research, Monitor Snow Cover, Emergency Services, Assess environmental impact of human activities, Enviroment, Pollution and Climate, Detect changes in glaciers, Forecast weather, Detect and monitor arid areas, Humanitarian Operations and health, Assess environmental impact of human activities, Transport, Map and assess Flooding
We provide seamless (no cloud cover gaps), high-resolution (20 m), near real-time (daily updates) snow depth data for alpine regions existing snow depth ground measurements. Check out our ExoSnow app (for free, no adds) for examples in the US Sierra Nevada and Colorado. Our snow depth product combines multi-sensor satellite data with ground measurements while accounting for topographic and meteorological variations. Direct data access to our products is provided via API’s, WMTS, file servers and mobile apps 'ExoSnow'