Map and monitor solar energy (solar farms), Alternative Energy Flyby s.r.l.

By accessing both archive and real time satellite data the SolarSAT system offers two types of functionalities that can be distributed either as independent or as combined services:- SolarSAT PV-Planner: to choose where and how to install a new photovoltaic plant and to evaluate how profitable it will be, starting from the solar energy that is effectively available in a specific locality - SolarSAT PV-Controller: to control the working status of an existing photovoltaic plant and to manage it in order to keep the efficiency the highest possible, by continuously comparing the produced energy with the producible one


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Oil spill detection
Detect and monitor oil slicks, Enviroment, Pollution and Climate, Detect and monitor oil slicks, Maritime, Detect natural oil seepage, Oil and gas, Detect and monitor oil slicks, Detect and monitor oil slicks/pollution, Fisheries
Flyby has matured a specific know-how for the exploitation of optical multispectral remote sensing data for the detection and classification of hydrocarbon spills at sea. Flyby has been the first company in Europe having exploited such data to setup an operational service for the detection of hydrocarbons at sea, for the purposes of public and private bodies, such as the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea.  Thanks to the increasing availability of high resolution satellite data, the exploitation of such techniques has proved to be a very useful tool for the detection of oil spills at sea, with a high discriminating capability towards other natural surface effects (e.g. algal bloom and wind effects).
Offshore plants monitoring
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Oil & Gas extraction industries are interested in monitoring the impact that their offshore activities have on sea environment in order to tackle the sustainability issues imposed by local laws. Flyby S.r.l. has developed some sustainability monitoring services based on EO satellite parameters, within the framework of sea impact monitoring regulated by Italian law (D.Lgs. 152/1999 “Water pollution prevention”, D.Lgs. 152/2006 “Environmental standards”)
Coastal shallow water bathymetry
Map water depth, Fisheries, Map water depth, Maritime, Map water depth, Oil and gas
Flyby has developed a new technique of optical multi & hyper-spectral remote sensing for the determination of coastal shallow water bathymetry down to 20 m depth. Coastal bathymetry can be obtained for completely unexplored remote zones exploting just EO satellite imagery. Nevertheless in case some in-situ high precision measurements are available, they can be exploited to increase the bathymetry accuracy for the entire set of points covered by the image.
snow depth
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We provide seamless (no cloud cover gaps), high-resolution (20 m), near real-time (daily updates) snow depth data for alpine regions existing snow depth ground measurements. Check out our ExoSnow app (for free, no adds) for examples in the US Sierra Nevada and Colorado. Our snow depth product combines multi-sensor satellite data with ground measurements while accounting for topographic and meteorological variations. Direct data access to our products is provided via API’s, WMTS, file servers and mobile apps 'ExoSnow'