AnsuR Technologies AS

AnsuR Technologies AS is a Norwegian SME, specifically working on rapid access to in-situ data and possibilities for EO integration for use in the context of emergency and disasters, rapid mapping or commercial operations. AnsuR are further leading work in integrated satellite solutions in EU, and builds further on two of its innovation award winning solutions, ASIGN and BirdNest. ASIGN is the optimal solution for rapid and reliable access to high resolution in-situ data for real-time or near real-time operations. BirdNest is a microdrone docking hangar with remote control options.AnsuR is initiator and coordinator of the FP7 SPACE Project GEO-PICTURES, and has projects with ESA in the Value Added EO Elements area. Specifically AnsuR has several projects with UN/UNOSAT-UNITAR. More info

Head Office Location
P O Box 1, N1330 Fornebu, Norway
+47 6400 9456
Contact Name
Skinnemoen Harald
Contact Position
Executive Chairman & Managing Director & Company Founder
Contact Telephone
(47) 9284 6651
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