Vexcel Corporation Inc.

Value adding services (company uses satellite data to generate products), Hardware/software, Downstream / GIS services (main business not in EO but using satellite data, Consultancy (studies / analyses which are not VA services and other support

Vexcel, a wholly-owned Microsoft subsidiary, leverages its position as a world leader in remote sensing technologies and services to provide a broad range of geospatial solutions and expertise. From radar sensors and data capture systems to advanced image processing and geospatial integration with Microsoft’s mapping, search and collaboration technologies, Vexcel is helping change the way people acquire, analyze, visualize and disseminate geospatial information. Vexcel provides end-to-end systems and innovative, customized solutions, drawing upon 20 years of experience in the areas of photogrammetry, optical and radar image processing and remote sensing data capture, and delivering information and analysis using Microsoft’s platform of enterprise technologies, including Bing Maps for Enterprise, PhotoSynth, SQL Server 2008 and SharePoint.

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United States
Vexcel Corporation, 5775 Flatiron Pkwy, Suite 220, Boulder, CO 80301 USA
+ 303-415-6000
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