Airbus Defence and Space

Value adding services (company uses satellite data to generate products), Data reseller (satellite or other data from third party sources), Data Reception and distribution (owner or operator of a ground station), Satellite Operator (data sales)

Through its Geo-Intelligence Portfolio, Airbus Defence and Space is recognized as a World leader in geo-information, pooling an unmatched access to Earth observation satellite imagery with unique expertise and decades of experience in one organisation. Based on an exclusive access to Pléiades, SPOT, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X (radar and optical satellites), its extensive portfolio spans the entire geo-information value chain. Airbus Defence and Space provides decision-makers with sustainable solutions to increase security, optimize mission planning and operations, boost performance, improve management of natural resources and, last but not least, protect our environment. Smarter decision-making through premium satellite imagery, products and services.

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5 rue des Satellites, BP 14359 F-31030 Toulouse Cedex 4 – France
+ 33 (0) 5 62 19 62 19
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