Intecs Informatica e Tecnologia del SW S.p,A

Value adding services (company uses satellite data to generate products)

INTECS, founded in 1974, is an Italian private company at the forefront in the design and implementation of high-tech electronic systems for the AeroSpace, Defence, Transportation and Telecommunication markets, where safety, reliability, innovation and quality are the key ingredients for success. INTECS designs and develops applications, tools and software components for complex electronic systems in cooperation with major European and Italian Industries, Organizations, Universities and Research Centers. Our core competencies include: * System engineering * Surveillance and Command & Control systems * Dependable and safety-critical systems * Operating Systems, drivers, middleware and communication software * Human Computer Interfaces * Simulators and Automated Test Equipment * Earth Observation systems and Geographical Information Systems * Software Engineering and Software Quality * Process and RAMS coaching

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+39 050 9657 411
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